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Beach (Sea Glass) Candle

Beach (Sea Glass) Candle

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Hand poured candle with pieces of real sea glass within the wax. Burn all the way to collect sea glass. 

Scent is: Suntal and Coconut (smells like a beach vacation)

Fragrance Notes

Coconut Milk
Coconut, Sandalwood
Cedar, Tonka Bean
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  • Materials:

    - Fragrance is pet safe, phthalate and carcinogen free

    - 100% Soy Wax

    - Our wicks are designed to minimize or eliminate carbon buildup (mushrooming) and reduce smoking.

    - Lead and zinc free.

  • Burn Time

    3 Wick Candles hold 1lb of wax and burn for 80-112 hours

    12oz Jar Candles burn for 60-84 hours

    Candle Care 
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